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The Longest Running Wildcat Computer Bulletin Board System in the USA!

Doc's Place BBS Is Powered By Wildcat 5 AKA WinServerThis BBS is running Wildcat Interactive Net Server V5 on a Dell Optiplex 755 PC with an Intel P4 2.66 under Windows 7  Pro 64 Bit. Our net connection is via Cable and is reasonably fast. There are 10 nodes available to serve you.

New Style Fidonet Logo Doggie Withy 3 1/2 Floppy. Copyright Tom JenningsDoc's Place BBS is primarily a messaging system. If your looking for FIDONET Mail, you found the best place on the net to get it. Mail is sent an received nearly instantly, and sent to my uplink right after you log off. We support QWK via your favorite web browser. Or Telnet in like the old timers do on port 26.

Having a problem? Doc's Place BBS System Announcements are HERE. It's advisable to bookmark this link for reference. If the bbs goes down - this page goes down with it.

Fidonet BBS System Alive Here!New Users click "New User Login" below to set up your BBS users account. The questionnaire is in US English Format and is typical of bulletin board questionnaires of the era. Write access is required if you want to post in the backbone conferences. So please properly fill out our questionnaire if expecting write access.

Web Browser Suggested to access this BBS Is Mozilla Firefox. Others including Google Chrome, Internet Exploder, Opera (Android), may not post messages due to pre-loading resources through their servers. This software is from the year 2000 and is about as old school as it gets. Telnet access available on Port 26.

Just wanting to take a look around without registering? Use the Login and Password GUEST.

BBS Login Using Active HTML New BBS Users Please Register Here BBS Login Using The Wildcat Navigator

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